The Do's and Don'ts Of IT Support


Say thank you as soon as you answer the call or message of the person calling or contacting the customer support.

Ask them for further clarification in case some things aren’t clear to you. Give them a few details so that they can provide you with a responsive answer. Avail of software development because they can answer any of your queries or problems.

Address the query or problem within 24 hours from receipt of their message to avoid confrontation with customers.

Study the company procedure. Before you engage in providing technical support, be sure that you know the company’s procedure and policies by heart. Ask the HR or your boss in case you don’t understand some provisions in your company policies or procedures.


Don’t argue with your customers. The customer is always right. Also, remember to keep your cool despite the heated situation.

Avoid using abrasive language while talking or communicating with your customer. Remember to remain calm, courteous and professional.

Avoid lying to the customer about the description and quality of your products. Do not misrepresent. Ensure that the details of your product are readily available in your receipts, thank you page and sales page. Product details of it services london are readily available in receipts.

Always find a way to solve the problem even though you are somewhat offended by their tone.

Overall, the do’s and don’ts of IT support still depends on the kind of products your company offers and the kind of customers you’re dealing with.

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